The Hot Mess Express

The Hot Mess Express




The other day, last Saturday morning to be exact, I found myself in the parking lot of my neighborhood Best Buy store pouring my heart out to one of my closest cousins’s over the phone. My hair was a complete mess. I was still wearing my bed clothes from the night before. Nothing cute or fancy! Just a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. And listened as she said “Tine” (her nickname for me) in her soothing mothering tone, “You just need to pull away for a bit from all the noise, the groups, the YouTube videos,
the coaches and listen to your inner voice. Listen to what God is telling you in this
moment.” She continued to encourage me for a few more minutes and I received her words.

The back story to how I ended up feeling like I was at rock bottom, tired and frustrated started a few weeks ago when I heard the word “fatigue” clear as day. As the pandemic mandates lifted more I found myself running months and months without taking action towards my own self-care. I realized that I was helping others, making sure my two girls were happy and healthy day in and day out, stressing over my wifely hood and just plained worried. What I resolved was that yes I get fatigued and worn down but quitting is not an option, only re-centering and re-prioritizing. Thank you Jesus! It’s no wonder that I
played a song called “A place called Victory” by Deon Kipping for a whole week on repeat. It reminded me to stay in a place of victory in my mind and in my heart. It also reminded me that we are winners and victorious because of Jesus and not of ourselves.

Yes I am a woman of faith! Yes I believe that my faith can move mountains! But yes I get tired and worn down! Thank God it was a Saturday morning where I had my mini break-down or break-up and not on a day where I had to be at work.  During that time, I slowly but surely came back to myself and remembered that I have the tools to come out of this slump. 

Dear Sister, here is my challenge to you and to us today: As a busy daughter, mom, wife, employee, entrepreneur or whoever you subscribe yourself to be you need the list of things that can keep you lifted and encouraged during times of busy-ness and stressors, especially if you are a busy mamma like me. I call them my Bag of Upliftments and I take them with me on the go. The word Upliftment is defined as: improvement of a person’s moral or spiritual condition, or of
the conditions in which they live.  Another definition that I found for the word Upliftment was “to take someone to a higher floor.” WoW!

My Current Bag of Upliftments include:

  • Listening to music that speak to my current mood or situation anytime of the day or
    night. My genre is absolutely all forms of Gospel including hip-hop
  • Clicking on the Bible App to read scripture and also read various devotional plans. I am
    currently reading and re-reading a plan called All About Releasing Creativity
    by HopeUC.
  • Connecting with my friends at least once a week or even more if my schedule allows. I
    have set aside Tuesdays as my intentional day to connect with my girlfriends.
  • Abandoning the idea of being Perfect! Because it’s just not gonna happen.
  • Admitting pride. Letting go of hurt and forgiveness. Being more compassionate and
    gracious to others.

What are your current Upliftments?

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